Diversity management

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…then diversity management as a part of HR management would be an excellent option.

Diversity is about recognizing the diverse achievements and experiences of people. Appreciating and respecting differences. It can be understood as potential, used and seen as an enrichment.

The task of diversity management is to promote the social, cultural and ethnic diversity of employees to the satisfaction of employees and to the benefit of the company. Diversity is often translated with the term “variety”, but there is more behind it: Diversity means the conscious handling of diversity in a society.

The six primary dimensions of diversity include: Gender, Origin , World View/Religion, Age/Generation, Disability and sexual identity/sexual orientation.

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  • Security and maximum flexibility
  • Saving of time
  • Cost savings
  • Efficient and smooth working relationships
  • Cooperation of your international workforce
  • Onboarding your employees
  • Also from foreign branches

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Diversity management made easy
…Through intercultural competence and management

My expertise is based on many years of experience and scientifically sound knowledge as well as on constant cooperation with companies.

As a graduate psychologist, I have been able to gain extensive experience in companies and organizations in more than 20 years. The size of the companies ranges from large industrial companies to medium-sized companies and non-profit companies.

I conduct intercultural field research. My expertise is based on stays of several months in numerous countries with different cultures, so far in 17 different countries on five continents. This enables me to deal intensively with the respective cultural standards of ,business and communication forms. This has resulted in a deep understanding of intercultural encounters and cooperation. This allows me to use them in diversity management. My training und Coaching is based on research in psychology, cross-cultural psychology, research.

As a psychologist, with experience as a university lecturer, manager, trainer, mediator, moderator and coach, and with many years of experience in diversity management, I offer you special skills for your diversity management.

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In “Fit for the World” you will find some background information and cultural standards for selected cultures.

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    More and more managers are recognizing the success – be part of it

    …that a corporate culture of tolerance, openness and appreciation of diversity – di-versity management can be successful for everyone involved. With my seminars on diversity management in your company, you support your em-ployees and managers. At the same time, it is es necessary to consider the potential for conflict inherent in diversity when working together. Here I clarify eg. through diversity conflict man-agement.

    In a first conversation we clarify the initial situation

    Framework conditions and whether diversity training makes sense
    • Do you want to implement diversity management in your company?
    • Or did you decide to do this some time ago and would like to – carry out diver-sity training in your company as part of diversity management, for example
    • to develop intercultural competence
    • to sensitize your employees to cultural differences as well as to similarities that everyone brings with them
    • for recognizing potential conflicts and overcoming them
    • Communicate gender sensitively
    • Stimulate managers to gender mainstream in the company. Gender main-streaming describes the obligation to consider the different effects on men and women in all decisions.
    • Get to know and develop essential leadership qualities in diversity manage-ment

    Diversity management is a corporate strategy

    The implementation of diversity management is not just a method of employee management, but a corporate strategy.

    Diversity management assumes that people can belong to a large number of different groups due to their differences and similarities, and that complex diversity dimensions arise. Diversity not only addresses the differences, but also the similarities between people. From this, personnel policy conclusions can be derived for access to new sales markets or for the optimization of products, services and marketing for different groups of buyers. These conclusions consist, for example, in the diversity and difference of the employees in using special technical, non-industry, non-cultural knowledge or professional experiences Mitarbeitenden with unusual careers.
    A workforce’s knowledge of languages and cultures not only enriches companies internally, it can also lead to advantages in global competition. Supporting structures in the company are necessary so that all employees are motivated and can develop.

    In personnel management, the principle of self-similarity recruited, which is also usual when selecting private contacts or when choosing a partner. In both private and professional life, it is considered a principle that minimizes conflicts.
    It entails significant risks for companies: Perspectives are prematurely narrowed, risks or specific customer needs, opportunities and opportunities are overlooked, and there is often no room for lateral thinkers.

    Diversity management is primarily used in the competition for qualified staff and when there is a shortage of skilled workers to open up new target groups.

    Gender often decides on the distribution of resources, tasks or responsibilities in companies – sometimes more than competence or specialist knowledge. If one gender is clearly underrepresented in certain areas of the company, the employees concerned are often unconsciously excluded or not considered – this is referred to as a glass ceiling.

    Diversity means the conscious handling of diversity in companies. It is an organizational and socio-political concept that propagates an appreciative, conscious and respectful approach to diversity and individuality. Diversity management is about recognizing the diverse achievements and experiences of people and understanding them as potential and user them.