Intercultural training

Intercultural training is a special personnel development measure.
The intercultural training leads you to optimize your interaction behavior with members of different cultures. The aim of intercultural training is to develop and promote your intercultural skills in order to be able to interact and communicate successfully with people from other cultures.

You are a specialist or manager who is working or would like to work abroad

…then an intercultural training for working together in a foreign culture will support you in preparation and accompanying.

You already work abroad

…then I offer you accompanying coaching on and off the job during their work abroad.

You work with foreign cooperation partners in your own country

…as well as foreign skilled workers and impetrates – my intercultural training in cooperation will also support you here.

Intercultural training has the goal,

to train intercultural competence. Today, intercultural training is not only important for executives who establish business relationships for a company abroad, but also for
  • HR departments
  • International work teams
  • Specialists and managers working abroad
  • employment agencies
  • Institutes for vocational training
  • Police and Security Service
  • educational institutions
  • Politics and Diplomatic Service
  • internationally active organizations
  • Tourism and transport
  • Healthcare
  • migration
  • International student, intern and student exchange
  • International art, culture and event management
  • Erasmus programs
  • Etc.

Intercultural skills support you

  • In international project management
  • Leading and managing in an international context
  • in international negotiations
  • in international personnel management
  • in international working and project groups

  • in global intercultural communication

  • Bei Auslandsentsendungen

  • Diversity management

Experienced and there for you!

I offer you special skills for your intercultural training

My expertise is based on many years of experience and scientifically sound knowledge as well as on constant cooperation with companies .

I conduct intercultural field research, with stays of several months in numerous countries of different cultures, worldwide so far in 17 different countries on five continents. This enables me to deal intensively with the respective cultural standards, forms of business and communication. This has resulted in a deep understanding of intercultural encounters and cooperation. My training is based on research in psychology, cross-cultural psychology and research.

As a graduate psychologist, I have more than 20 years of extensive experience in intercultural training for companies and organizations. The size of the companies ranges from large industrial companies to medium-sized companies and non-profit companies.

As a psychologist with experience as a manager, university lecturer, coach, mediator and trainer, I have decades of experience in the conception and didactics, the concrete methodical design and evaluation of intercultural training. My skills for intercultural training are therefore diverse.

With the intercultural training, I offer you the opportunity to develop and further develop your Ihrer intercultural ncompetence so that you can achieve your overriding goals in international business and in your own country.

I have developed my intercultural training on a science-based basis and based on many years of experience abroad. The intercultural training can take place in different formats, which stand alone or complement each other.

The formats of my intercultural training include: seminars, coaching on – off the job and everywhere, mediation, training for impatriates, expatriates, women, project groups etc.

I support you professionally

  • A first expert discussion with me regarding a successful intercultural training is free of charge for you!
  • Request my free guide that can help you with cross-cultural collaborations.

In “Fit for the World” you will find some background information and cultural standards for selected cultures.

Get your individual offer

    The goal of your intercultural training is – Your successful intercultural cooperation!

    It consists of your qualification for constructive coping with specific work tasks that arise under unfamiliar cultural conditions and in interaction with people from other cultures.

    My intercultural training is based on your wishes and needs.

    I will make you a tailor-made proposal based on my practical and scientific teaching experiences, which have proven to be effective and goal-oriented.

    • In intercultural training, all training content aims to
    • to become familiar with their own culturally shaped values, norms, structures of action, patterns of perception and thought
    • Based on this, I will show you cultural differences and characteristics of cultures of your choice
    • with the help of, for example, differentiated analyzes of culture-specific case studies, you will gain an understanding of the cultural standards of the for-eign culture partner on the one hand
    • and the effect of your own cultural identity in the interaction and cooperation with the partner on the other hand
      The intercultural training sensitizes you to cultural differences and teaches you skills and abilities for successful intercultural cooperation. In this way, your intercultural skills will be developed and promoted.

    To understand one’s own and other’s

    is central so that intercultural interactions can be goal-oriented and successful. Intercultural training is not always sufficient, personal coaching is sometimes necessary interkulturelle to prevent intercultural irritation or mediation to resolve conflicts.

    Complexity and diversity in our life and business world

    …is caused by globalization and spatial mobility. Intercultural skills, learned in intercultural training and in contact and through experiences with foreign partners, relate to the ability to reflect on one’s own culturally shaped thought and behavior patterns as well as values, norms, working methods and expectations, thus being sensitive to intercultural encounters to be possible intercultural differences and to behave appropriately and flexibly in the interaction.

    Intercultural training aims to create sensitivity and an understanding that human behavior and experience – i.e. perception, thinking, judgment, motivation and emotions as well as action – are culture-specific. In addition, they promote understanding that misunderstandings and irritations can arise between people of different cultural backgrounds.

    Use intercultural training to make differences between cultures understandable, scientifically based structures that can be used to describe cultures. These structures can guide actions in an intercultural context.

    In intercultural training, the willingness and ability to understand one’s own and foreign cultures’ orientation systems and their action-guiding effect is acquired in order to be able to act and react appropriately to the requirements of a foreign culture.

    Furthermore, my intercultural training offers orientation and preparation for a professional eassignment in a specific country with its own cultural imprint.

    My intercultural straining takes you to think about their own cultural orientations as well as about the orientations of culturally differently shaped partners and to recognize the effectiveness of target-oriented and satisfactory forms of intercultural communication, interaction and cooperation. This learning helps you to successfully deal with intercultural situations.