Intercultural seminar

You work as an HR manager, at a training institute, as a manager, or as a…

…then you know – Continuing education is nowadays the decisive factor for personality development and professional qualification in a global world. The intercultural seminar is a very popular form of knowledge transfer.

To understand one’s own and other’s

…is central so that intercultural interactions can be goal-oriented and successful. Participation in my intercultural seminar supports you in understanding your own culture and that of others. It teaches you how to deal successfully on the international stage.

The acquisition of intercultural skills empowers you in many ways

  • In international project management
  • When leading and managing in an international context
  • In international negotiations
  • In international personnel management
  • In international working and project groups
  • In global corporate communications
  • For assignments abroad and
  • Diversity management
  • Erasmus programs
  • Research and Science

Experienced and there for you!

Intercultural relationships made easy
Immediately through the acquisition of intercultural competence in the intercultural seminar

My expertise is based on many years of experience and scientifically sound knowledge as well as on constant cooperation with companies.

I conduct intercultural field research. My expertise is based on stays of several months in numerous countries with different cultures, so far in 17 different countries on five continents. This enables me to deal intensively with the respective cultural standards, business principles and forms of communication. This has resulted in a deep understanding of intercultural encounters and cooperation. This enables me to use them, among other things, in my offer for you with regard to intercultural relationships. My intercultural seminar is based on research in psychology, cross-cultural psychology, research and empirical knowledge.

As a graduate psychologist, I have been able to gain extensive experience in companies and organizations in more than 20 years. The size of the companies ranges from large industrial companies to medium-sized companies and non-profit companies.

As a psychologist, with experience as a university lecturer, manager, trainer, mediator, moderator and coach, as well as with many years of experience in international relations, I offer you special skills.

I support you professionally

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In “Fit for the World” you will find some background information and cultural standards for selected cultures.

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    Das Ziel meines interkulturellen Seminars ist – Ihre erfolgreiche interkulturelle Kooperation

    This is what my intercultural seminar offers you
    • You get to know your own culture and how it affects your behavior
    • The methods guide you to recognize the cultural conditionality of your own thought patterns, which opens up space for intercultural competence
    • You will also learn about the historical background of cultures in order to be able to better understand contemporary culture
    • Foreign cultures of your choice open up through appropriate information, so you successfully increase your intercultural competence

    • Cultural standards and dimensions of different cultures are further building blocks for your intercultural competence
    • You will quickly learn to grasp the basic codes and orientation systems, values and norms of cultures
    • You will reassess the importance of individual perception
    • You recognize prejudices and stereotypes
    • and receive information about the business etiquette of other cultures – which increases your intercultural competence
    • The basics of intercultural communication give you an insight into different communication patterns
    • and show you through your increased intercultural competence how to recognize and avoid misunderstandings
    • You will get to know different management and working styles, their effects and how you can deal with them appropriately
    • In simulated, unfamiliar situations, grasp how you defuse irritation
    • You practice being more relaxed in stressful situations
    • You will learn how to identify and solve potential conflicts or, at best, avoid them from the outset
    • The basis of communication and intercultural communication becomes a matter of course for you
    • Thanks to your intercultural competence, you will better understand your partner’s foreign patterns of thought and behavior in everyday life and the world of work as well as on the political stage
    • You will gain and expand your intercultural competence constructively and through practical application
    An intercultural seminar is not always sufficient. Personal coaching is sometimes necessary to prevent intercultural irritation, or intercultural mediation to resolve conflicts.

    How is an intercultural seminar different to a course workshop and conference?

    While an intercultural seminar is a one-time event that can last several days, depending on the topic and intensity throughout, the transfer of knowledge takes place in intercultural courses in several pedagogical and didactic steps over a longer period of time. It is almost like a step-by-step training.

    One intercultural workshop is most similar to the intercultural seminar. Many elements overlap, which is why the terms are often confused. There is a clear distinctive feature: the new knowledge is mainly intercultural acquired together during a moderated workshop. This means that theory takes a back seat to practice in group work. In order to make this possible, care is taken to ensure that the group of participants in intercultural workshops is even smaller than in the intercultural seminar.

    An intercultural conference – also known as a congress, symposium or conference – when people who work in the same subject area come together to exchange ideas and maintain contacts. Knowledge is imparted through lectures, presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

    The same pattern can be found in the intercultural seminar in adult education. At this unique further training event, the participants in a small group are not only taught theory – as in a lecture – but are directly involved. Through questions, teamwork, practical case studies, role plays and discussions, you will actively participate in acquiring the new intercultural skills for practical use. This is very important, especially in a professional context. In the seminar topic -intercultural- the personal experiences in connection with the results make a much better impression than notes from informative lectures. Each individual benefits in the long term from the exchange with me as the seminar leader and the other participants.

    I will actively involve you as a seminar participant.