Intercultural competence is a key skill for the 21st century

Globalisation is one of the central challenges of our work and a megatrend that has affected the global economy fundamentally and sustainably. Accordingly, corporate structures, working areas and job specifications have changed. Different cultures, traditions and art work styles have met. Given this, it might surprise you that in business context any form of intercultural cooperation follows certain cross-cultural, globally valid psychological principles of action.

In addition to culture-specific content, it is primarily these global met competencies that enable the leadership and professionals to be in a position to develop their existing individual, social, technical and strategic core competencies confidently and successfully in an intercultural context. This is a critical entrepreneurial advantage that can be used through specific intercultural competence development for oneself.

There are a variety of intercultural training offers, but there is a decisive for success difference in the understanding of intercultural competence. Intercultural competence is a globally valid metacompetency – it follows cross cultural psychological principles.

Your benefit

  • Reliability and maximum flexibility in the international arena
  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Efficient and smooth working relations

Your significant surplus value

  • Business contacts abroad
  • Project assignments
  • International Assignments
  • Inclusion of your employees of branches abroad
  • Visits of foreign guests
  • Collaboration of your international team