Collaboration with Germans

Foreign specialists

Many industries lack skilled workers, which is a bitter reality for many companies. Thus, in order for the integration of new employees from abroad to be successful both sides need to be optimally prepared for working together. Many a posting of specialists and executives failed due to inadequate preparation and support.

With successful preparation, all parties can quickly achieve the goals that are desired by the company and the foreign specialists. Have you faced Cultural Shock in Germany? Learn German cultural standards so that the culture is much easier to understand. Make sure that you work confidently in the German market.

Doing Business with Germans

Business etiquette is much more than the working out of Dos and Don’ts for a particular country. Knowledge of cultural differences, manners and German negotiations are crucial in determining whether your business contacts will be successful or not.

Behaviour and negotiation based on the German culture. Your business will be much more effective and successful if you are familiar with the German Culture. Nevertheless, you are always in contact with a specific person. Germans do not always think and behave exactly as you learned in studying German business culture.

Business etiquette includes a whole range of areas. First contacts with Germans at fairs and trade missions offered by chambers of commerce and networks, negotiations with German business partners, are business and personal situations that you want to be successful. With some cultural business knowledge proceeds in a much more relaxed way with your German partner. It gives you a completely different view of Germany and arouses your curiosity about this fascinating country.

Your German business partners are pleased and feel your appreciation if you can recognize as a guest and business partner that you are familiar with German business culture. This is more than, and different to, knowing the German poets and philosophers. Knowing that German negotiations aim as quickly as possible to come to the point, while it is important for you at first to cultivate relationships, helps you achieve successful transactions. For German and foreign business partners, it is of fundamental importance to have cultural knowledge of each other!

Would you like to do business successfully with Germans? Then let me know.