About me

I impart future-oriented key skills as coach and trainer for intercultural cooperation. I have worked with decision makers for over 20 years – professionals and executives who are pioneers abroad and carry responsibility in global markets.

Cross-cultural expertise – scientifically sound, proven in practice on five continents for over two decades, highly individual in implementation.

My expertise includes large industrial companies as well as medium-sized companies and non-profit organizations. I work successfully with people from different industries, professional groups and hierarchical levels. My confident eye for the very individual requirements that my customers face in the global economy, as well as many years of experience in science and teaching, form the foundation for my cross-cultural and country-specific approach.

The bottom line: Every assignment is unique.

What can you expect from me

  • Professional commitment and love for my work
  • A pleasant, empathetic and motivational training atmosphere
  • Over 20 years’ experience: current scientific quality standards and empirical knowledge incorporated into my work
  • Broad knowledge, which allows me to offer training for different regions and countries
  • Lifelong learning
  • Performance-related activities for the benefit of your company

My quality standards

  • Over 20 years’ experience: Development of a specific concept & teaching technique, according to the target audience, the professional background and the requirements, taking into account the organisational situation
  • Explanation of cultural and historical backgrounds that illustrate why people from a particular culture think and act in a particular manner
  • Experience-based learning for implementation in practical situations
  • Transmission of knowledge, impulses for emotions and behaviour during professional activity
  • Profound and experiential knowledge is clearly explained and can therefore be used for everyday work